2021 New Year Greenhouse Activities

Even though the  increasing threat of COVID-19 slowed the club’s plant sales, Tom Cavanagh and Sid Lundquist spend another Thursday morning potting the larger cuttings. Starting in early January, the greenhouse was opened by club members from 9:00 am to noon every weekday to maintain the plant inventory

Using river rock as weight, Karen Plitt and Larry Plitt fill pots that hold identification signs. The signs were placed by the larger specimens to help buyers understand the sun and water requirements and eventual height of the various plants.

The True Value delivery truck arrives at 2:02 pm with several club members ready to go to work.

Teamwork makes it easier to stack the soil under the benches.

March 1st marks the first official day of advertising for SCW residents being able to buy plants. On this sunny Monday morning, Judy Kunkel listens to Greenhouse Administrator Lisa Sailing give directions to Kate King at the table.

Club member Larry Plitt drills drainage holes in decorative pots. The larger pots were used for making cactus gardens.

Plant Sales Director Denise Wirz discusses some planting suggestions with a SCW resident. He had already purchased a Crested Thorn Agave and was considering some other cacti as well.

Using five carts and the club’s wagon, the bags of soil quickly move from the truck to the shaded area by the greenhouse.

With only a few more loads to go, nine more bags go into storage.

Using care to avoid the poisonous sap of a firestick, Linda Bartelt helps Club Vice President Linda Hunter pot up the plant for rooting. The firestick plants were one of the most popular plants.

Working as a team, Mary Beth Kunze and Karen Plitt spend a Friday morning at the potting station. They planted over two dozen plants including several agaves, a couple Eve’s Needles, and some beaver tails.

Even though scheduled sales were on hold due to COVID-19 cautions, it was necessary to order another pallet of cactus soil in January.

An assembly line system makes short work of the six feet tall pile of bags.

The final cart load heads in before the last bag is put away at 2:20 pm. Only eight minutes and everyone was headed home!

March 27th marked the first time in over a year that the club could have a Saturday plant sale open to the public. Sun City West resident Sherry Loseke was the winner of this container garden raffle held at the sale.