Cactus Soil Delivery

As the weather warmed up in April, so did the plant sales. Soon we needed another truck load of cactus soil.

One reason that we needed so much soil, was a new item that we began to sell this year – a special cactus soil mix of cactus soil plus gypsum and pumice.

The bags weigh 40 pounds each, but seemed to get heavier as we reached the bottom of the pallet load.

Many hands make short work unloading, hauling and storing the bags of soil.

A half dozen bags were set aside because the dirt mixing crew needed to immediately make up several tubs of soil mix for the next day’s potting crew.

At least one Desert Garden Club member said, “I don’t need to use a wagon!”

With the temperature in the upper 90s, it was a good thing that several people showed up to help.